Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can you build a super detailed model for me?

A - Almost anything is possible. In 1/43rd scale I have highly detailed engines that can be fitted in almost any Ferrari, Maserati, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Porsche etc to super detail it. And if I don’t have a suitable engine or ancillary components already, I can make the master parts and cast them. If you already have a resin or metal kit of the car that can be used as the base model that is accurate, but it does not need to be highly detailed, then this is a good starting point. If not I can perhaps help find the necessary kit. A completely scratch built model is also possible if you want something totally unique.

Q - What scales can you build super detailed models in, is it only 1/43rd?

A - I mainly work in 1/43rd scale, but 1/24th, 1/18th and larger are also possible.

Q - What materials are your models made from?

A - They are multi media. The main body shell is usually resin or metal, but the doors, bonnet, boot, and other opening panels are most often hand beaten brass with strong brass hinges soldered on. I choose materials to best replicate the materials of the real car, and pay particular attention to re-creating the textures of the real car, whether it is leather or polished steel.

Q - How long does it take to build a model, and how long is your waiting list?

A - When I begin building a model it will take anything from two to three weeks to complete. My waiting list is often months long, but sometimes if I am building something similar for another collector I can bring certain builds forward. I always check first with the customer that this will be OK.

Q - Do you have any models in stock and ready to purchase?

A - This is a very frequently asked question. I think it is better for a collector to have exactly what they want, like choosing the colour, race number etc, and this is often served by ordering your model in advance. So I rarely have models in stock ready to sell, at the moment. But because so many people ask, I will start to try and build a few of the more popular subjects, as well as small limited editions that will be for sale.

Q - Are there any retailers who I can buy or order your models from?

A - There are a worldwide network of model car retailers who can help you. They can be found on the 'Links' page.

Q - Is it OK to email you questions about ordering a model?

A - Yes, I am very happy to answer any questions or queries. Please email using the Contact page.